Be on top of your work

One stream of all your action items and delegations to never miss a priority and keep the team in sync

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All your action items,
across the apps,
in one feed.

Connect your tools, see your
single feed

Aerotime will automatically pull blocks where
your team tags you or you press a button.
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Plan, prioritize, delegate with blazing
fast shortcuts.

Navigate the list to put things on calendar,
snooze them or delegate them to someone
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Hit inbox zero for all your action items,
every time.

With tasks scheduled, delegated or snoozed,
you are on top of your prioritized work.
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Follow ups, automated.
“Remind me to remind someone”

Send action items to your team
within Slack

One click, and Aerotime can send all AIs to
your team members


Simplified visibility of action
items you assigned.

Action items assigned to others, come in
your watchlist where you can choose to
remind people at a certain time.


Run a tight ship with the team,
with everyone in flow.

At any given point, know who you’re blocking
and who’s blocking you to enable fast turn
around without any anxiety.


Connect with your favorite tools

Status updates and task integrations
with tools you love and use


Create action items from messages in one click. Assign to someone in two.


Automatic action items on PR review, open comments, and assignments.


Coming Soon

Name tags, comments, and tasks, automatically pulled from Notion to Aerotime.


Coming Soon

Pull issues assigned to you, and open comments with your name, automatically pulled to Aerotime.


Declutter, prioritize, zone-in.


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