Be effective. Not busy.

Always feel busy with meetings? Don’t know where your day goes? Relax! Aerotime streamlines your day - it removes gaps between meetings, timeblocks tasks and keeps the team aligned with your work.

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Start by making
uninterruped space

Minimize scattered meetings

Aerotime continously audits your calendar to optimize for minimum context switching. Get recommendations on better time slots for your recurring meetings.

New meetings placed at perfect times

When creating new meetings, get timeslot recommendations for minimum flow breaks. Optimizes for all attendees based on their deep work needs.

Handle incoming meetings better

Propose timeslots for meetings that make all attendees more productive. Decline meeting invites with ease using quick replies.


Extra time generated
within your working hours.


More work done per week
due to better prioritization

Centralize and prioritize
tasks with ease

Instant task capture

Global shortcuts to capture tasks anywhere and integrations with your favourite apps (like Slack) to bring tasks in one place.

Plan and schedule tasks in one drag

Prioritize and commit to your important tasks by scheduling them on your calendar.

Simplify balance of collaboration and deep work

Aerotime keeps your calendar available for meetings even when tasks are there, but when you hit a busy threshold it shields your time.

Manage your time. Effectively.

Declutter, prioritize, zone-in. Repeat.

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Connect with your favorite tools

Status updates and task integrations
with tools you love and use


Auto-snooze Slack and update status based on your calendar. Create tasks right within Slack.


Convert any email into a task and schedule to reply on time.


Coming Soon

Convert Asana tickets to Aerotime tasks. Schedule them with ease.


Coming Soon

Convert issues into tasks in Aerotime. Schedule them with ease and keep the team in alignment.


Declutter, prioritize, zone-in.


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